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6-8 August 2022

Cape Town, South Africa

Exploring our oceans: Currents, ecosystems, and plastic pollution

In-person teacher workshop in Cape Town!

We proudly announce the third Geosciences Information for Teachers - or - GIFT Workshop to be held in the beautiful seaside city of Cape Town, South Africa!  This amazing workshop is made possible through generous support from the European Geosciences Union (EGU), Education Committee, and features local experts from the University of Cape Town, Iziko South African Museum, University of the Western Cape, and Two Oceans Aquarium. Participants for the in-person workshop can be nominated by their Subject Advisor (SA) or university advisor (for pre-service teachers). There will be a followup online workshop that will be presented to other interested teachers later this year. 

IfAny participants nominated and chosen, need to commit to attending all three days of the program. The EGU will give each participant a daily travel allowance and breakfast and lunch will be provided. A select group of participants from outside Cape Town will be given travel and accommodation support to attend the Workshop.

Exploring our oceans: Currents, ecosystems, and plastic pollution

Day 1:
Theme: Oceanography and ecology of South Africa's coasts

Location: Iziko South African Museum

Day 2:
Theme: Rocky shore ecology, conservation and plastic pollution

Location: Field sites and Two Oceans Aquarium

Day 1:  introduction to the dynamics of ocean currents, thermohaline circulation, and marine ecosystems.  We will feature presentations by researchers from University of Cape Town (UCT) and Iziko South African Museum, with a special talk on the impact of plastic pollution on the beaches of Cape Town by Dr. Takunda Chitaka (University of the Western Cape). 

Day 2:  We explore the sources and origins of beach litter in the field with Professor Peter Ryan of UCT's FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology and investigate tide pools with the Two Oceans Aquarium team.  Professor John Rogers joins us for an overview of the rocks at the famous Sea Point Contact, we where will walk in footsteps of Charles Darwin!  The day finishes off with a captivating tour of the Two Ocean Aquarium's exhibits, conservation facilities, and an overview of their education programs.

Day 3:
Theme: Oceanography and ecology of South Africa's coasts

Location: Iziko South African Museum

Day 3:  We will continue our exploration of oceanography and plastic pollution with as series of hands-on activities.  The day ends with an engaging presentation that showcases how community engagement programs can have a big impact.  We welcome Vincent Meyburgh and his team of performers from the Jungle Theatre Company who will feature their "Whale Show"

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