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Recommended Books

Here are a few books by local authors that members of the Branch recommend. Click on the button under each to find more information on where you can purchase each book.  

interpreting earth.jpg

Interpreting Earth

by Dr. John Compton

Interpreting Earth: A History of Geology through Encounters with Table Mountain. The book chronicles the evolution of how we think and feel about mountains through the written accounts of the many visitors to the Cape. 

Geological Adventures in the Fairest Cape

by John Rogers

Ever wondered about the rocks and strata that make up the stunning Western Cape landscape? In his new book, Geological Adventures in the Fairest Cape: unlocking the Secrets of its Scenery, John Rogers sheds invaluable light. Rogers aimed his book at those of us who are intrigued by strata (sub and super), improbable koppies on flat landscapes and quartz veins running along exposed ridges.

rogers fairest cape.png
norman woodpecker.png

The Woodpecker Mystery

by Nick Norman

Hot off the press!  This is a new book just launched by Nick. You will have to look it up at Exclusive Books to get information on it. See the link below to get more information or contact Nick here.

Box of Rocks

by Nick Norman

Well-known geologist Nick Norman leads young readers into the absorbing world of geology. Budding rock collectors will find out all about the rocks that they’ll encounter in southern Africa, with a view to building their own rock collections. Box of Rocks is packed with fascinating information about: how rocks form, how to identify the different rock types, what rocks are made of, what different rocks are used for, and where to go to collect each rock type. Readers will also learn about Stone Age tools, fossils and some of our best-known geological sites.

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